The Abomination and the Sacrifices

Understudies of prescience will perceive that there is a nearby relationship between the penances Jews will propose in an approaching Temple, and the plague that follows them.

“Horrifying presence” is from the Hebrew shikkoots , meaning foul, abhorrent, sickening, worshipful. Something that God will severely dislike and despise, and every one of God’s youngsters will stick to this same pattern and disdain it with Him. The people who keep on accepting that God is tied in with being in a “positive state of mind”, will reconsider when they see His response to the plague of devastation referenced by Daniel and Jesus, and referred to by the messenger Paul.

Toward the start of the last seven years of Jewish history, [and world history] before the thousand years kicks in, a world chief will make a contract with What is the abomination of desolation the Jewish public, permitting them to construct a Temple and return to their old custom of creature penance.

In any case, a simple three and one-half years into the settlement, one more pioneer will usurp the power of the new Empire. This man will have shown up on earth inexplicably. However Christians for a really long time will have attempted to depict him as one of the numerous political pioneers living on the planet, the truth of the matter is he isn’t recognizable until his appearance. Then it will be evident that he is no common man.

He will as a matter of fact have come back to life to complete the work he began numerous hundreds of years prior, in particular the obliteration of the Israelite hazard and thus to world victory. His answer for the “Jewish issue”, as it has been known since Hitler and previously, won’t be truce, yet obliteration.

His ascent to control, per Daniel and Paul, is fleeting. And afterward he takes his new power to drop the arrangement made by his vanquished adversary. No more forfeits. Rather, the “offense” of destruction. The odious thing that God despises is set in the Temple. This is the request in Daniel 8,9, 11 and 12. A military given, the safe-haven contaminated, the penances removed, the horrifying presence set up.

Yet, what is this horrifying presence?

Anything it is, Jesus focuses His devotees, and in this way current pupils, to take a gander at it cautiously. For this is the sign his devotees requested. This is the sign of the start of world tumult. Jesus attaches this horrifying presence to the furthest limit of the world in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. Between those two sections we suspect that Daniel’s military, Daniel’s man, Daniel’s penances, and Daniel’s horrifying presence will happen.

Perusers of Daniel used to believe that memorable Antiochus Epiphanes in his old days satisfied the prediction. Be that as it may, Jesus said, no, this Daniel occasion is as yet future. Then, at that point, present day researchers calculated that the Roman Titus in A.D. 70 satisfied the prediction. No, once more. Both of these men put terrible things in a Jewish Temple. However, Matthew and Luke say that following the Tribulation that this detestation triggers, will come the apocalypse! Jesus was looking far past A.D. 70!